How to crack APSC Examination | Strategy to crack APSC Examination

For the purpose of hiring Assam’s top executives, the Assam State Civil Service Examination is conducted by the Assam Public Service Examination (APSC), a constitutional state commission. Prelims, Mains, and a Personality (Viva) Test make up the exam structure, just like the UPSC or other PCS exams. The final merit list position is determined by the marks received in the Mains and Interview(Viva) phases, but the preliminary stage just serves as a qualifying test.

It is said that anything is possible with proper dedication. But does hard work probably be sufficient? You must depend on both elements—hard work and smart work—to prepare properly for any exam and to succeed in it. The Assam Public Service Commission test is one of such (APSC).

Is it easy to crack APSC?

The APSC exam is one of the toughest exams of all civil service examinations. You need a proper timetable for clearing the exam. You should be focussed on current affairs. You should read the daily newspaper which is the easiest way to prepare for current affairs. You need to go through all the NCERT books as well as other books related to APSC preparations. 

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Strategy to Crack APSC Examination

The applicant needs to use a wise approach with the most recent study resources, notes, current affairs, mock tests, etc. to prepare for the APSC examination.

Perseverance, commitment, and a positive attitude are some fundamental elements that will determine your success on the APSC exam. The APSC syllabus can be quickly completed if one can maintain these 3 factors throughout the preparation phase. All of the APSC exam preparation advice has been provided here, from the study plan to the revision to the current events to the practice exams.

This article will go over some of the strategies that will help you to know How to crack APSC examination in first attempt. These methods will benefit working professionals as well as full-time students.

How to start the Preparation Of APSC Examination

For beginners, there are a few rules to follow for the successfully crack APSC examination. These rules are also applicable to all kinds of competitive exams. Here the Rules are

Qualify for the APSC exam on the first attempt

The first rule states that to pass the APSC exam on the first try, one must comprehend the syllabus and exam format and plan appropriately. The curriculum includes topics like Indian politics, Indian and Assam geography, economics, science and technology, as well as Assam history and math. A proper investigation is required to understand these topics, and one can get started by reading the NCERT textbooks for classes 6 through 12.


Many students have devoted 10 and 12 hours per day, but they still fail the Assam public service exam. Never forget that any competitive exam requires SMART WORK as well as HARD WORK to pass. The APSC primarily emphasizes conceptual knowledge related to Assam and the nation. Learning facts and figures alone won’t be of much use to you in the long run; instead, attempt to develop your own opinions and analytical approaches to the subjects you study. The ability to make decisions that demand a strong sense of opinion is the most crucial characteristic of an administrator or top-rank officer.

Analyze the previous year’s questions

Analyzing the questions from the previous year’s exam is another guideline that one must follow to pass the APSC exam on the first try. It helps you make decisions about your course of action when creating your study plan or strategy by giving you an idea of the difficulty of the questions that will be asked on the exam. The previous year’s question papers give you an idea of the types of questions that are asked from various topics, the more crucial areas, whether questions are more frequently from static or dynamic parts, etc.

Start practicing answer-writing

The next guideline is to write sample answers. You can begin practicing writing answers once you have finished a subject from both the NCERT, standard textbooks and other APSC preparation books. Before that, you will be forced to completely depend on books for the information in the answer, making the exercise pointless. Reviewing the subject you previously studied is crucial at this point.


It is easier to remember facts, concepts, and strategies that you have previously studied while preparing if you revise properly. Additionally, given the size of the APSC syllabus, a revision will make it easier for you to maintain all the required knowledge and important facts. You should reserve your weekends for a focused review of the material you learned or studied during the week.

Approach to Learning Based on Mock test

Mock exams are an important tool for helping you identify your weak points and realize the adjustments you must make to how you conduct yourself on the actual APSC exam to perform well.

Current Affairs

Current affairs play a significant role in APSC examinations. This is the most important portion of both the APSC Prelims and Main Exams. To understand the significance of current affairs for the APSC, candidates should conduct in-depth research. In actuality, current events serve as the basis for every question in APSC exams.

How well an applicant is informed about significant current events, national issues, and global issues will largely determine whether or not they are successful in the APSC Prelims and Mains Examination. The key to passing the exam is to prepare for the APSC current affairs exam. It needs repetition and ongoing revision.


The most important source of information for APSC preparation is the newspaper. It provides a thorough analysis of the problems and undercurrents surrounding the impending events. The candidates should quickly note the important newspaper articles that have been published. The magazine of current affairs should support the newspaper on a monthly basis.

Never ever consider your first attempt as a trial version

The last thing to keep in mind is to never ever think of your first attempt as a trial version. Be just as serious and intent in your first performance as you will be in your last. Your efforts will determine your fate, so keep reminding yourself of why you started the preparation whenever you feel like giving up or quitting.

Choosing a best APSC coaching institute

The last and most important rule is to take admission to the right coaching institute. Will get a lot of Coaching institutes in Guwahati for APSC Preparation. One of them, VisionQ is the best Coaching institute for APSC Coaching.


These are some preparation methods you can use for the Assam Public Service Commission exam. For the greatest advantages, incorporate them into your regular study schedule. Last but not least, keep checking our website for updates if you want to learn more about the APSC exam, APSC Current Affairs, or our mock test series.

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