Assam Direct Recruitment 2024 Exam Date, Selection Process.

The wait is on for aspiring government job seekers in Assam! The Assam Direct Recruitment (ADRE) 2024 for Grade III and Grade IV positions offers a promising path to a fulfilling career. Here at VisionQ Guwahati, we understand the importance of clarity. This blog simplifies the ADRE 2024 exam date, selection process, and equips you with valuable information, especially for Guwahati aspirants.

Exam Date & Selection Process: Key Details

While the official notification hasn’t confirmed the exact exam date, it’s expected to be held sometime in June or July 2024. The selection process typically involves the following stages:

  • Online Application: The application window is likely to open soon. Stay updated on the official Assam government website ( or VisionQ Guwahati’s resources.
  • Written Exam: The core selection stage involves a written exam assessing your general knowledge, aptitude, and subject-specific knowledge relevant to the applied post. The format is usually objective type, consisting of Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs).
  • Shortlisting (if applicable): Depending on the post and number of applicants, there might be a shortlisting round based on the written exam scores.
  • Skill Test (for certain posts): Specific posts might require a skill test to assess practical abilities relevant to the job role.

Guwahati’s Advantage with VisionQ:

  • Local Support: We understand Guwahati’s specific needs and can address any regional concerns you might have regarding the ADRE exam and selection process.
  • Expert Guidance: Our experienced faculty will provide insights into the selection process, exam format, and scoring system.
  • Stay Informed: We’ll keep you updated on the latest exam date announcements, selection process details, and any crucial information related to ADRE 2024.

Don’t Get Lost in the Search! Forget about unreliable sources like “Assam Direct Recruitment 2024 Exam Date Selection Process PDF Download” or “3rd Grade Exam Date 2024 Assam.” VisionQ Guwahati is your one-stop shop for reliable and current information.

Preparing for Success:

  • Syllabus Awareness: Familiarize yourself with the ADRE 2024 syllabus for your chosen Grade (available online or through VisionQ) to understand the tested areas.
  • Practice Makes Perfect: Enroll in VisionQ Guwahati’s coaching programs designed for the ADRE exam. We offer a comprehensive platform with mock tests, study materials, and doubt-clearing sessions tailored for Guwahati aspirants.

Remember: With the right preparation and timely information, you can confidently approach the ADRE exam and selection process.

Visit VisionQ Guwahati today! We’ll be your partner in success, empowering you to excel in the ADRE exam and secure your dream government job in Assam.

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