Education syllabus for APSC Preliminary Examination

Education is an optional subject in the APSC preliminary examination. The examination consists of three parts. The content of all three parts is described in the below-mentioned apsc syllabus of Education.

Education syllabus for APSC Assam Civil Service Preliminary Examination


  • Meaning, definition and scope of education
  • Aims of education-individual, social, liberal and vocational education in a democracy
  • School and community – their relation, functions and responsibilities.
  • Curriculum, Definition and types, Defects, principles of curriculum construction. Correlation of studies- Importance of curriculum activities in school.
  • Discipline – Definition, Importance of discipline in education, Relation between freedom and discipline, Reward and punishment in school. 
  • Theories of play – Importance of play in education. 
  • Educational for national integration and international understanding.


  • Psychology – meaning and definition, the importance of educational psychology, scope and methods of educational psychology.
  • The physical basis of mental life – reaptors, effectors and central nervous system – sensation, perception and conception.
  • Needs, drives and motives.
  • Emotions and instincts – their importance in education.
  • Habits and their formation.
  • Learning – theories and laws of learning, motivation in learning.
  • Attention and interest – their importance in education.
  • Intelligence – its meaning, nature, Stanford, Bint- Intelligence tests.
  • Statistics in Education – Mean, medium and mode calculation of quartile deviation and standard deviation, Calculation of coefficient of correlation by rank difference method.


History of Education

  • Charter Act of 1813. Maculay’s minute and Lord Bentinks resolution of 1835.
  • Woods Despatch of 1854 – its impact on Indian Education.
  • Indian Education Commission of 1882 – Primary and Secondary Education. 
  • Lord Curzon’s Educational Policy on Secondary and University Education
  • Resolution of 1913.
  • Hartog Committees report of 1929
  • Wardha Scheme of Education 1937.
  • Introduction of primary education in Assam – problems in its implementation.
  • Adult Education Programme – its meaning and scope. Problem in the implementation of the program and its solutions.
  • Educational Policy of 1986.

Recommended Books:

  • A Textbook for Education by Lakhya Hira Das
  • Educational Psychology by Sunita Agarwal

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